Date of birth: 5/11/2008


Ronni PP (DK)

FW: 112

Dun Lancer (DK) Celebrity Chief (CA) Buds Chief (CA)
Debutante (CA)
Hanne (DK) Daltron (DK)
Camilla (DK)
Sogard Lila (DK) Redwood (US) Pol Red (US)
Pol Daisy (US)
Sogard Henny (DK) Icarl (DK)
Made Didde (DK)
Auguste pp Ricardo (AT) FW: 95 FIT: 102

Renger (DE) FW: 109 FIT: 91 Renner (DE)
Elsa (DE)
Furche (AT) Radi (DE)
Flosse (AT)
Annatefka (AT)

FIT: 106

Pianist (AT)FW: 98 FIT: 107 Pikobello (AT)
Zitta (AT)
Anuska (AT) FIT: 100 Paul (AT)
Anita (AT)

Beef performance:


Name Sire Number of AIs
1. dead Gorm PP 2. AI

Progenies’ weighing results:

Pregnant with: Dirnanean Telstar Pp- due date: 9/8/2011