Date of birth: 4/9/2012


Telstar Pp (UK) Halenook Panache (UK) Starline Decision (UK) Kilbride Farm Roderick (UK)
Starline Kreole (UK)
Halenook Mindy (UK) Ravensworth Carefree (UK)
Milnafua Heart
Dirnanean Polarine (UK) Richwood Bruno (CA) Richwood Tophand (CA)
Marywood Burnadette (CA)
Dirnnean Winnipeg (UK) AWL Polar (CA)
AWL MS Polarine (CA)
Elektra P (AT) Hedetoft Vito PP (DK) Serup Regent (DK) Dun Lancer (DK)
Opal (DK)
Pia (DK) Heartbeat of America (CA)
Moni (DK)
Britta Pp (AT) Ronni (DK) Dun Lancer (DK)
Sogard Laila (DK)
Borgy (AT) GS Romaf (AT)
Bummerin (AT)

Beef performance:

  • BW: 45 kg
  • 200 days: 350 kg (1525 gram)
  • 365 days: 666 kg (1701 gram)


GS Halvar PP (Telstar x Vito) verfügbar über die Genostar Gleisdorf


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