Date of birth: 5/10/2007


Ronni PP (DK) Dun Lancer (DK) Celebrity Chief (CA) Buds Chief (CA)
Debutante (DE)
Hanne (DK) Daltron (DK)
Camilla (DK)
Sogard Lila (DK) Redwood (US) Pol Red (US)
Pol Daisy(US)
Sogard Henny (DK) Icarl (DK)
Made Didde (DK)
Borgy pp

Romaf (AT) Romen (DE) Rom (DE)
Ella (DE)
Renate (AT) Taftl (DE)
Relly (AT)
Bummerin pp (AT) Stark (AT) Streif (DE)
Britta (AT)
Blümerl (AT) Iran (AT)
Blumi (AT)

Beef perfomance:

  • BW: 43 kg
  • 200 days: 257 kg (daily gain: 1085 Gramm)
  • 365 days: 393 kg (daily gain: 967 Gramm)

Name Sire Number of AIs
1. dead Lykke Atlantis Pp 1. AI
2. Pilatus P Poldau PP 2. AI
3. Gandalf P (c) Sirius Pp 1. AI
4. Hidla P (c) Ursus PP 2. AI
4. Himla (c) Ursus PP 2. AI
5. Idomeneo (c) Rocky PP 1. AI

Age at first calving: 29,2 months

Average calving interval: 359 days

Progenies’ weighing results:

  • male: BW: 49 kg – 200 days: 274 kg/ 1136 g – 365 days: 455 kg/ 1117 g



  • Young beef cattle show 2009:  Champion female Simmental, 2nd place best muscled female Simmental

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